• explain why parallel accounting is needed
  • understand the two different ways supported by SAP, for mapping parallel valuations
  • configure important topics of both the accounts and ledger approaches to parallel valuation
  • describe significant examples in which parallel values occur and demonstrate them in the SAP ERP application
  • fulfill reporting requirements, e.g. segment reporting (=> IFRS 8)
  • understand the (technical) steps/projects needed to be done to run an ECC6.0 system with activated new G/L


  • People with good SAP Financial Accounting knowledge who want to learn about handling Parallel Accounting with the SAP ERP
  • People responsible for implementing a parallel valuation/accounting, e.g. because IFRS and/or US-GAAP and/or a tax valuation will be needed in the future
  • SAP Consultants and Auditors in the area of SAP ERP Financials without experience in parallel valuation projects



  • Good understanding of processes & configuration in SAP ERP Financial Accounting


  • Familiarity with the new general ledger, e.g. attendance ofAC210
  • Basic knowledge in local and international accounting principles

Course based on software release

  • SAP ERP 6.0 with Enhancement Package 7


  • Understand the basics regarding the mapping of parallel valuation/accounting in the SAP ERP application.
  • Describe, configure and operate the accounts solution on the basis of some typical business examples.
  • Understand, configure and operate the ledger solution (within new G/L) on the basis of some typical business examples.
  • Configure the system to fulfill typical reporting requirements for international valuation standards.
  • Get a short overview of (additional) topics/processes which can be affected by parallel valuation.