• This course will demonstrate and explain enhancements in SAP ERP Financial Accounting (with activated new G/L) delivered with EHP1 to EHP5


  • SAP Consultants and customers in the area SAP ERP Financial Accounting (with active new G/L), interested in functionalities, delivered with enhancement package (=> EHP) 1 to 5



  • Good knowledge of new G/L,
  • e.g. attained by visitingAC210(New General Ledger in SAP ERP)

Course based on software release

  • SAP ERP 6.0 with Enhancement Package 5


  • Enhancements and new functionalities in Financial Accounting areas like:
    • Characteristics of the new G/L, e.g., profit center reorganization or segment reporting for Fixed Assets or wizards for customizing document splitting
    • Integration, e.g., separate check on posting periods for postings from CO to FI or new possibilities if using logistic process chain PO- GR-IR or a new report to reconcile balances on inventory accounts with accumulated material balances
    • Parallel Accounting (with Ledger Solution within new G/L), e.g., posting and clearing for specific ledger groups or impairment of Fixed Assets (=> IAS 36)
    • Reporting, e.g., navigation from FI Drilldown Reports to CO Reports or Simplified Reporting